Networking Pitch Ideas Fest

A Networking Pitch To Remember!


Forget workshops, this is an Ideas Fest

Monday 2nd July 2012

9 - 12 noon

Telford Town Centre venue TBC

Standing up at a business networking event and talking about your business in under a minute is not easy.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest messages of all to communicate.

You may be pitching to people you’ve never met before.  Then there are those who you see all the time, and who have heard all about you dozens of times already.

You’ve hardly got any time to get your point over.

TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, you’re just one of maybe 30+ people presenting.  How much do you remember about the pitches at the last networking event you attended?

One or two at most will stick out in your mind.


The Good News

Contrary to what you might think, doing a memorable 40 or 60 seconds is not something that is reserved for the naturally charismatic or creative people in the room. 

The truth is that there are strategies and tricks that anyone can learn to make their message more ‘sticky’ ......... and that includes people who aren’t natural extroverts. 

These tricks are what we’ll be looking at in this Ideas Fest.

This Ideas Fest was a well structured session, which got me thinking more creatively. Following this, I used the symbol of tapping on a chocolate orange and the segments falling apart to show how EFT (tapping) can get to the core of the problem. If not, you tap on separate segments which relate to the various issues relating to the problem. I got some great feedback and it increased people's interest in EFT.

Susan Luther, life & business skills coach


What’s an Ideas Fest? 

It’s like a workshop... but with less emphasis on work, and more on inspiration. There will be quite a few Aha! moments, and you may even have fun...

This is a very hands on session designed to give you lots of ideas to make the most of that all important 40 – 60 seconds.

The aim is for you leave the session with some fresh and original ideas for your next networking meetings.


It was very useful to look at presentation skills from a different angle, which this workshop did very effectively. Very creative and 'real world'.

Nick Preece, Entrust Financial Planning



You Will Learn:

* The 6 Ingredients of memorable messages (clue: eye contact, body language and the other traditional non-verbal communication skills are not on this list).  Every great pitch contains at least 1 of these ingredients. 

* What urban myths have to teach us about effective communication.

* The 2 vital questions you should ask yourself before any networking event, but 99% of people fail to do.

* What curiosity gaps are, and how to use them.

* The 4 types of pitch, and why you need to mix and match them at different events. 

* How to pitch to the same people again and again, without boring the pants off them!

* Why testimonials are not the only way to build credibility in under a minute. 

... and lots, lots, more!


Dear Harriet

Just to say you really made me look at my 40 seconds pitch. I have to think hard about how to get my message across, and it really made a difference this morning to how I approched my valuable seconds - Thanks - and it did make a difference to the feed back I had from members there.

Lynne Milford


£300 Guarantee

I have put a lot of thought into this Ideas Fest, and have come up with some really original and effective concepts to really help you leverage the power of networking.

I know that material covered will be absolutely invaluable to you. So confident am I of this that I offer the following guarantee: at the end of the session, if you do not think that the Ideas Fest is worth at least £300 to your business over the next 12 months, you are entitled to a full refund.


Harriet had obviously researched the subject carefully explaining a broad range of techniques. She is clearly passionate and informed about her work and I can highly recommend her.

Gary Byatt, - IT Services

Getting 30 Days Out Of 3 Hours

Many training events have one huge drawback: they are big on spur-of-the-moment inspiration, and short on ideas to actually implement  what is taught on the day. Participants leave feeling overwhelmed by all this new knowledge.

Everyone who attends a Get The Message Ideas Fest is given an action plan of suggestions to put the ideas to work over the coming weeks.


About Your Ideas Fest Leader

Harriet Morris is a writer and speaker.  Her experience of both writing for the web and networking have given her some powerful insights into how to get your message across when there’s not much time, and people’s attention is limited. 

Harriet says:

“The challenge today with networking pitches is to get your message across – and make it stick – in a world where your audience are weighed down with information overload.

The greatest pleasure I get in my work is finding those messages that telegraph my client’s core value in a memorable way, while avoiding any gimmicky, overblown hype.”

So come to the Networking Pitch Ideas Fest.  Learn how to make your message stand out and stick, while communicating your honesty, integrity and transparency.



£47 inclusive - includes refreshments

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