Web Tree Message Marketing

The Web Tree helps you get your message across in a clear, engaging & memorable way.

My name is Harriet Morris, and here’s how  I do exactly that :


eBook Ghostwriting

Getting your book published on Amazon has never been easier or more affordable. And if you're not a natural writer - or just need someone to bounce ideas off - a ghostwriter is the perfect solution.



Do you need your web copy revamping? Someone to write a blog, ebook or expert guide? With 6 years of professional writing experience and clients ranging from sports massage therapists to insurance brokers, I focus on the benefits that you offer in a way that is both readable and builds authority.


Presentation Skills

The Web Tree doesn't do workshops. Instead, the Get the Message Ideas Fests focus on giving you just that: ideas and inspiration to delivering presentations that stick in your audience's minds.

Whether it's a brief 40-60 second business pitch at a networking event, or a longer presentation, I can help solve that eternal problem:

How do you avoid boring everyone with a sales pitch - and instead get people excited about what you have to offer?


Speech Writing

Knowing you have a high-quality content is the starting point for delivering an excellent speech. If you are looking to persuade, inspire or motivate, you need material that gets people to think outside the box, but is accessible enough that they don't feel confused. I use proven methods for not only engaging any audience, but getting them to remember your message.

I also write more personal speeches for weddings, funerals, anniversaries and any other important events.


Video Scripts

You don't need me to tell you that video is the future of the web.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the Internet, and it has been estimated that by that within a few years 90% of online content will be in video form.

The second thing you don't need me to tell you is that too many online videos are boring sales pitches.

This is actually great news!


Because with the right message expressed in a way that is meaningful to your target market, you stop having to compete with those boring sales pitches and start really building a genuine relationship with your potential customers.